In this charming, heartfelt, humorous memoir, Matt Ziselman’s life has gone completely, irrevocably and uproariously, to the dogs, courtesy of his three inimitable, quirk-filled Dachshunds: Baxter, Maya and Molly. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Life with three strong-willed Dachshunds is interesting, entertaining and frustrating. And, as Matt learned one seemingly typical day, educational. For, it was on that day that Matt discovered that his doxies were doing much more than merely being his best friends: they were being his wisest teachers.

By sharing the daily acts and antics that any dog lover will relish, along with bittersweet memories of his own life, Matt manages to weave a canine-inspired, common sense tapestry of life lessons imbued with equal parts silliness and sadness, laughter and love.

Neither a pet book nor a people book, Hounded offers the best of both, poignantly illustrating the very special relationships that Matt has with three very special dogs.