And with one big, final push…

sunburnedandcircumcised_finalhrAfter numerous bouts of nausea, labor that was anything but false, and a far-from-easy delivery, my long gestating second book has finally arrived.

Sunburned and Circumcised is the story about when my family spent eight weeks during the summer of 1972, at the Highland Park Bungalow Colony in New York’s Catskills Mountains. It’s about a place that exists only in my memory, and a time when “Laptop” referred to the top of your thighs, and “Tweets” came courtesy of feathered creatures we called birds.

For those of you who enjoyed my first book, Hounded I hope you’ll enjoy this one too. Although, I should be clear that there are no Dachshunds in this book. In fact, the closest I get to even mentioning a dog is a chapter on the finer aspects of collecting salamanders.

Sunburned and Circumcised is available for pre-order as an e-book on Amazon (with paperback soon-to-follow). It goes on sale November 1st.