As I Lay Floating

photo-1I promised myself that, while on vacation, I would stay off my computer; a promise that lasted about as long as it took me to ask my wife “Is there another outlet in here?” Anyway, now that we’re home I wanted to share something with you that I experienced while resting my weary bones in upstate New York.

I was reclining on a partially submerged float in the pool, when I got to thinking about less and, how less gets a really bad rap, and how more gets all the headlines. We must do more to fight hunger in Africa. We need to take more action to counteract the poisons that we’re spewing into our seas and skies. We need to do more to save the polar bears from extinction. And here’s the thing: I agree! We do need to do more on behalf of all these things and so many others, not just because it’s the logical, sane thing to do but because it’s also the obvious thing to do. And that’s the thing with less: you have to look for it. Really notice it. And that’s what brings me back to that pool and that barely buoyant float, because, while I was lying (sort of) on that float, I realized that less is pretty awesome.

I had been on vacation for just a couple of days: I had yet to turn on the television. I couldn’t even tell you where it was. I hadn’t heard anything. We were on 4 acres smack in the middle of some kind of wooded cone of silence. No sirens, car horns, telephones, airplanes, barking dogs, zip! Other than having to transmit to my brain the occasional comment from my wife or daughter, or the passing squeak of a chipmunk, my inner ears were bored stiff. I went nowhere of consequence. I neither explored, nor experienced. My days were filled with reading, writing, talking with my girls and floating on a 20 X 40 foot rectangle of chlorinated water. And I didn’t feel the least bit deprived, in fact, quite the opposite: I felt blessed. And, if you look at the word blessed, what other word do you see in there? Exactly.

So, the next time you’re busy thinking about more and — you will — stop! And think about less.

Pool optional.