Just a quick message to let you guys know, that you can download a FREE Kindle version of SUNBURNED AND CIRCUMCISED. This offer ends 12a.m. PST Sunday, November 13th so don’t wait. And, let’s be honest, after the last couple of days it might not be a bad idea to read something that doesn’t involve the “T” word. … [Read more...]

And with one big, final push…


After numerous bouts of nausea, labor that was anything but false, and a far-from-easy delivery, my long gestating second book has finally arrived. Sunburned and Circumcised is the story about when my family spent eight weeks during the summer of 1972, at the Highland Park Bungalow Colony in New York’s Catskills Mountains. It’s about a place that exists only in my memory, and a time when “Laptop” referred to the top of your thighs, and “Tweets” came courtesy of feathered creatures we called birds. For those of you who enjoyed my first book, Hounded I hope you’ll enjoy this one too. Although, I should be clear that there are no Dachshunds in this book. In fact, the … [Read more...]

My book has a face!


No, that's not it. But it does reinforce how important a cover is. That image still makes my stomach tingle and not in a good way. They give you a sense of what the book is about, when and where the story takes place, if it's going to be serious, silly or a combination of both. In other words, designing a great book cover is a hard thing to do. It has a lot of business to take care of. Which is why I'm so happy, and more than a little relieved to announce that the cover for my second book is done - and I love it! Thank you, Courtney Lopes. Not only do I think the cover captures the essence of the story, it makes it feel very real. That my little story is going to go out … [Read more...]

Don’t interrupt me; I’m busy not writing.


I wish I could tell you I was really busy. That I was deeply involved in building some low income housing. Or that I was stuck under a remarkably heavy boulder. Because the truth is as dull as dishwater: I was lazy. I could generate neither the energy nor the incentive to sit down and write a blog post, not even a half-assed, shitty one. I know. It is pathetic. How in the hell can I even call myself a "writer" when I can't even compose a few lines for the few people who were nice enough to sign-up for the occasional musing from me? Actually, it's pretty easy. I'll even go you one better. I'll argue that my extended absence from blog world proves that I am, in fact a … [Read more...]


When I was thirteen I knew everything. Everything. There wasn’t a subject that I couldn’t hold forth on with the utmost confidence. The arts, politics, Literature—it didn’t matter—regardless of what question you posed or commentary you sought I had the spot-on, 100% guaranteed correct answer. Except for the niggling, unavoidable fact that I didn’t. But I thought I did. I mean, I really, really thought I did. Why do you think I would always turn down the volume on whatever my parents were saying, in particular my dad? Every time he would try to impart some hard-earned wisdom to me, my tendency was to nod vigorously, while my mind was occupied with much more important … [Read more...]