In short…

b3_landscapes021You would think I’d have some deeply profound sentiment to offer up at year’s end. Something that captures the events of the past 365 days in a pithy yet emotionally resonant way. After all, in 2013 I published my first book. That’s a biggie. Seems like that should be enough for me to formulate some nugget of wisdom that I can impart to you. Can I be honest? I’ve got nothing. Zip. Shooting blanks. So instead, I’m going to offer up the obvious and hope that you won’t take off any serious points for lack of originality.

I hope 2013 was, all-in-all, a good year for you. By good I mean that you had a roof over your head, food in your belly and your families were well and warm. In terms of an end-of-year message that’s the best I can do. Not because I can’t come up with more words but because I can’t come up with better words: Home, food, family. It begins and ends there.

See you in 2014!