My book has a face!

9780345544148_p0_v2_s192x300No, that’s not it. But it does reinforce how important a cover is. That image still makes my stomach tingle and not in a good way. They give you a sense of what the book is about, when and where the story takes place, if it’s going to be serious, silly or a combination of both. In other words, designing a great book cover is a hard thing to do. It has a lot of business to take care of. Which is why I’m so happy, and more than a little relieved to announce that the cover for my second book is done – and I love it! Thank you, Courtney Lopes. Not only do I think the cover captures the essence of the story, it makes it feel very real. That my little story is going to go out into the big, cold, critical world armed with nothing more than a short description and an earnest desire to be liked, maybe even loved. That’s a scary feeling. I felt the exact same way when Hounded came out in 2013. But that’s the nature of the beast. I’m certainly not the first to state the obvious: writing is neither for the faint of heart nor the easily bruised. You write, and rewrite, and doubt and rewrite and doubt some more. And then one day you open your email and see that your book has a face. An open, inviting, dramatic, funny, imaginative, eye-catching, face. And I can’t wait to share it with you. Soon.

And the story that goes with it.