So, this is blogging?

Ziselman_HOUNDED_HCSorry, I’m a bit late to the whole blogging thing. I sort of gave it a half-hearted try a couple of years ago. Turns out I didn’t have much of anything to say. But, now I have an official, bona fide blog (which, as you can plainly see, is a part of my official, bona fide website). And something to say: you see, there’s this book.

It’s called Hounded: The Lowdown on Life from Three Dachshunds. I wrote it. By myself. And, Hachette is publishing it on May 14th. Most people I tell about the book have the same reaction: “Can you believe your book is being published?” Nope. I can’t believe my book is being published. I’ve known for almost a year that it’s going to be published and I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I’m sure part of the reason is the fact that the publishing process has a speed akin to that of a glacier. It hasn’t exactly been a 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds on the Autobahn kind of journey; more like stop-and-go traffic on the Jersey Turnpike with a bunch of unscheduled rest stops along the way. But, I just looked at the calendar and, I think this sucker’s finally starting to sink in.

I have hit the 90-day mark. Ninety days until publication day. Three months. That’s significantly less than a year. That’s close. Like, one more birthday, spring break and viewing of The Ten Commandments close. I’ve suddenly gone from “It feels like this book is never going on sale” to “Oh, shit! This book is going on sale!” I’m not sure which is the scarier prospect. And, that brings me back to this blog.

It’s safe to say that this blog will be, for the foreseeable future, heavy with Hounded related posts. And Dachshund related posts. And, well, I guess Hounded and Dachshunds pretty much covers it. For now.

The book that I wrote goes on sale May 14. This must be real. I mean, c’mon! I’ve got a blog.