And with one big, final push…


After numerous bouts of nausea, labor that was anything but false, and a far-from-easy delivery, my long gestating second book has finally arrived. Sunburned and Circumcised is the story about when my family spent eight weeks during the summer of 1972, at the Highland Park Bungalow Colony in New York’s Catskills Mountains. It’s about a place that exists only in my memory, and a time when “Laptop” referred to the top of your thighs, and “Tweets” came courtesy of feathered creatures we called birds. For those of you who enjoyed my first book, Hounded I hope you’ll enjoy this one too. Although, I should be clear that there are no Dachshunds in this book. In fact, the … [Read more...]

July 4th, 1975


“Why does it have to be a pyramid?” I asked my dad. “Because, that’s how the air gets in-between the briquettes.” You should have seen this thing. Stacked with such precision and purpose; it was a monument to Egyptian engineering. Even Pharaoh would have approved. “Is that important?” I questioned. “Yeah, it’s the air that creates the fire.” “I thought the charcoal makes the fire,” I said with a shred of know-it-all confidence that only a 13-year old could muster. “No, the air makes the fire; you can’t have fire without air. The charcoal catches fire and then it burns down, but it retains the heat so then you can cook whatever you’re cooking.” “What … [Read more...]