My book has a face!


No, that's not it. But it does reinforce how important a cover is. That image still makes my stomach tingle and not in a good way. They give you a sense of what the book is about, when and where the story takes place, if it's going to be serious, silly or a combination of both. In other words, designing a great book cover is a hard thing to do. It has a lot of business to take care of. Which is why I'm so happy, and more than a little relieved to announce that the cover for my second book is done - and I love it! Thank you, Courtney Lopes. Not only do I think the cover captures the essence of the story, it makes it feel very real. That my little story is going to go out … [Read more...]

In Gratitude…


This past weekend I attended the first annual Washington-Metro Dachtoberfest in Frederick, Maryland. There were lots of fun events, informative presentations and vendors selling everything from hand-made leashes and dog beds to gourmet dog cookies and custom-made dog portraits. Essentially, it was long, short and wirehaired nirvana for those of us who spend far too much time with, and way too much money on, our Dachshunds. It was hard not to be impressed by the sight of 500 Dachshunds strutting about as if each and every one of them was top dog. But it was also sort of silly. I mean, we are talking Dachshunds here. Not exactly the prototypical dog. At no point during … [Read more...]

In Gratitude


More often than not, here’s how it worked. I would write a single sentence. Upon completing that sentence I would read it. Then stare at it. Then, I would delete it. I would then rewrite the sentence. After rewriting it I would read it again. After several more minutes of staring at the sentence I would begin writing a second sentence. I would then read the second sentence - and delete the second sentence. And the first sentence. Then, I would stare at the space where the two sentences briefly resided for several minutes, before attempting to write the first sentence again. That’s pretty much how it went. I have not altered that description in any way to make it … [Read more...]

My Good Guy


My dad died thirty-two years ago. My heart says that number can’t be right; the math says otherwise. I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot lately, especially since Hounded came out. My love for dogs can be traced directly to his love for them, well, one dog in particular. Hounded begins with the memory of my dad bringing home our first dog, King, who was tied up and abandoned in a dilapidated bodega in one of New York’s worst neighborhoods. The degree of love he felt for that dog was rivaled only by the anger he felt for the person that left this beautiful animal to die a slow, painful death. The fact is, if it was a cat that was left in that store I’m fairly confident … [Read more...]

Out From Under


Some mornings I don’t feel like getting out from under the covers. Wait! That’s a lie. Most mornings I don’t feel like getting out from under the covers. It’s all just become so draining. The news of the day is an inexhaustible loop of man’s inhumanity against his fellow man. Television is nothing but contests and confrontation. Prices continue to rise, our political system is a joke and my house is doing an Oscar-caliber impression of the Titanic. Yes, please, I’ll take the dark, cocoon-like folds of my comforter to the harsh realities of the world any day. Of course, that behavior is nothing new to Molly. As many of you already know, Dachshunds were bred to aid … [Read more...]